13 Responses to Calendar

  1. Darla Gonzalez says:

    Do u ever have afternoon or eve play?


  2. Steve Reigle says:

    The calendar says I do not have the permission to view the events. I am a MB member and normally can see those events. Thanks.


  3. Steve Reigle says:

    Thanks. I wasn’t sure anyone knew there was a problem so wanted to mention it. Thanks for the reply.


  4. Paula Johnson says:

    Would you please put us back on email list Tim and Paula Johnson Thank you somehow we got deleted.


  5. michael rupp says:

    I would like to start playing. What is the best way to get started?


  6. Robin Hegeman says:

    Curious, I was told there was a Tournament on 12.30.16 @ 10AM? I am from out of town and my friend asked me to attend a Tournament of function at 10AM Friday. Just want to make sure I am going to the right place, so lost from the mid-west! I also have family leaving, so don’t want to attend if not something to watch. Thank you! Robin


  7. Jackie Harris says:

    I am happy to see all the wonderful changes for 2017. Will be back in March to join the fun.


  8. Jan Lewis says:

    Have an interested lady wanting to know if she can get beginner’s lessons. How would she go about it if she wanted to play at Melba.
    Jan Lewis


  9. Richard Rogstad says:

    Hi. I’m a member. I understand there is a key or combination to use the courts at any time not being used by a specific function? Also I am not sure I’m receiving emails. Could you add my email to the list if not there.


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